System Applications and Complete Process of Ultrafiltration Plant

We can use the Plant of Ultrafiltration in both applications of post-treatment and pre-treatment of water. In a general way, companies manufacture and properly install custom made Water systems of ultrafiltration up to a working rate of 100m3/hr, all of the units can be programmable in a complete manner and absolutely PLC controlled. Mostly, these have been used for the usage of industrial water and the various applications of the wastewater treatment. All of these particular units are basically the equipment of the next generation, generally been designed to completely minimize the cost of the investment and absolutely maximize the entire performance meeting binding all the requirements of the environmental protection. There is a lot of Ultrafiltration System Manufacturers India.

By using the none other than Ultrafiltration Membranes of trusted DOW hollow-fiber, many Ultrafiltration Plant Manufacturer can design multiple package system of ultrafiltration, turnkey plant of Ultrafiltration and the pilot plant of ultrafiltration for Low, multiple High and a lot of Medium turbidity’s. The quite standard series of the systems of Ultrafiltration is basically the modular units fixed on a skid frame that is coated with Powder SS or MS fitted with proper outlet and inlet and connections of the product water. There are a lot of different components that are quite optional and are available on special request that can later be added as per requirements of the customers.

Uses of the Ultrafiltration Plant

  • Packaged Drinking water
  • Filtration of the surface water
  • Feed water of RO
  • Recycle of the wastewater
  • Wastewater treatment of the latex paint
  • Oil refining or the Oil removal process
  • Wastewater treatment of the Petrochemical
  • Dialysis machine
  • Municipal water
  • Effluent recycle

Process of the Ultrafiltration

Membrane filtration is just another type of Ultrafiltration that is basically the water filtration process which is pressure driven. In the process of ultrafiltration membrane that is of pore size usually plays quite an important role, feed water is basically pressed into modules via the pump, depending upon the membrane’s pore size contaminants that are rejected and water that is filtered is taken out in the tank of storage or sent as feed water of RO.


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