With a growing population of country the waste generation is increasing day by day. Hence solid waste disposal is being a trouble for human beings. As it creates nuisance in environment leads to spread of infectious diseases and give birth to more dangerous species. Us emphasize is on volume reduction and inactivation of organic waste to take control over increasing growth of solid organic waste. This can be achieved by Kelvin organic waste composter (OWC) machine. It reduces volume of organic waste to 80-90 % and there is no chance of fouling or spoiling of organic waste after treatment with this machine. Treated organic waste is easy to convert in organic compost as compare to untreated organic waste. Microbial action on reduced waste with presence of air and moisture convert it into natural organic compost.

OWC Machine


Organic waste of kitchen & mess of residential and commercial buildings, leaves and flowers in parks and garden, waste meats shops etc., is filled in an inlet chamber of OWC machine according to its capacity. Waste is mixed with mixer blades and heated with heating plates attached with the inlet chamber. After completion of this process, all water present in waste is burned or evaporated. Hence the volume of organic waste is reduced in that way. We can mix the product generated by the machine with a proportion of soil and apply moisture and air to convey microbial decomposition to generate compost.


  • Outer body SS 302
  • Chamber body SS 304
  • Mixer motor
  • Mixing blades
  • Heater
  • Exhaust fan
  • Inbuilt shredder
  • Sensors for PH, moisture, temperature control


  • Programmable logic control system with HMI touch screen and sound control system
  • Sensor based PH, moisture,temperature control system
  • Stainless steel body for longer life
  • Mechanical agitators for homogenization
  • Reduce waste 80-90% by volume
  • No foul smelling, No pathogens, no flies & insects
  • Compost can be used in for gardening purposes.
  • Variabilities as fully automatic & semi-automatic



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